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Home to a community of UK independent businesses, we, at The Great British Catalogue, hope to continue to help each other grow and create great British products.

Here at The Great British Catalogue, we wanted to establish a platform that showcases British-made goods in all their glory.

Our background in the finance industry has provided us with the opportunity to work with small and developing businesses from all areas of expertise and brought to our attention the growing importance of local independent businesses. With so many amazing UK creatives producing high quality and sustainable products, small local companies have been able to flourish during the last decade. However, spreading awareness and establishing a customer audience can be difficult for up-and-coming businesses. That’s where we come in!

The Great British Catalogue illustrates the array of talents within the British manufacturing industry and aims to support growing UK businesses in achieving their full potential. Within our community we hope to encourage each other to continue to grow and assure both buyers and sellers know who they are working with and buying from. At The Great British Catalogue you can browse products with confidence that you are looking at British made goods.

Whilst creating The Great British Catalogue and curating our partners we have immersed ourselves within a community of many unique and exciting businesses and look forward to finding many more! We cannot thank our partners enough for their words of encouragement and belief in the platform we have created.

Enjoy browsing The Great British Catalogue. Enjoy buying British!

Stephen Trueman & Matthew Hall

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