British manufacturing is known for being one of the very best in the world and we are proudly home to countless individual home-grown and refreshing businesses that highlight the talented, creative and business savvy minds throughout the UK.

We, at The Great British Catalogue, asked you for your opinions on the importance of buying British made goods and were delighted to see that over 90% of respondents agreed that buying local was important to them. 

If you’re not convinced already, here’s our top 5 reasons to buy British… (but the list is endless really!)

1. Environment: Help Save the Planet!

Number one on our list (and super important) is the environmental impact buying local British goods and produce can have. 

Buying British reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing and transportation because *stating the obvious* the goods have much less distance to travel! Buying UK made products from within the UK reduces the manufacturers carbon emissions and, for the ecologically-minded shopper, helps reduce your own carbon footprint. So, by buying British, we can help the environment and local businesses all in one step. 

Who knew that doing something as simple as looking inwards for your favourite products could be so environmentally-friendly! 

Now, I know that parting with your favourite well-known brand of moisturiser can be painful but have a little faith and you will undoubtedly be surprised at what you can find a little closer to home…

Our award winning selling partner Organic House, for example, specialises in premium natural skincare. With a range of products that are beneficial for men, women, and children it’s hard not to find something to suit your needs.

2. Boost British Economy and Support Employment

Second on our list of reasons to buy British goods is how it helps to boost our economy. Buying locally keeps money within our economic system and thus serves to boost the British economy and help reduce national debt. 

So, if more people were to shop local, on a nationwide scale, it could help us to become a more self-sustaining economy and not have to rely so heavily on imports. 

Now, that’s not going to happen overnight obviously… but imagine if everyone did their bit. 

Buying UK made goods also helps to ensure employment because it means that we're not outsourcing from abroad so frequently. In an ideal world, maintaining jobs for Briton’s would mean that that money stays within the British economy, being fed back into the local area. 

And there we have it! In one simple step (buying local) we can help both the planet and our economy whilst providing jobs within Britain; seems easy when you put it like that, hey? 

3. Heritage

Another reason for shopping locally is to uphold traditional British heritage. (That’s not to say that we dress in the Union Jack and wave our flags of patriotism constantly!) 

Shopping locally helps to keep a sense of Britishness alive, which is often translated through the materials used. Now, traditional British wool and tweed may not sound so attractive in your head… But imagine it reworked and (most importantly!) refashioned.

Our selling partner From The Mills, a Yorkshire based textiles business, use traditional British wool to make beautifully colourful and patterned cushions and blankets. From The Mills are proud to represent the British textiles industry that has historically made Britain a successful global economy. Hooray, wool becomes cool again!

You can’t deny, of course a big woolly blanket sounds comfy and cosy! And that’s why buying British is so important; goods manufactured in the UK, using traditional British materials, help to keep ‘Britishness’ alive whilst showing the changing trends and ensuring the continuation of our thriving and talented business community!

4. Quality and Individuality

At number 4 on our list is quality. British manufacturing standards ensure that goods are produced to a higher standard and under a higher standard of working conditions. Although this is often reflected in the price, people usually buy with an understanding that they are paying for a certain level of quality.

That something is ‘Made in the UK’ usually reflects a sense of individuality and uniqueness. It suggests a product that is handcrafted, made on a smaller scale of production, and marketed on the basis that no two products are exactly the same. While this might cost you a few more £££, its usually worth it!!! 

Our fabulous selling partner Sarah Dunbar Design creates an array of bold and beautiful faux leather accessories based upon her own digitally developed photography from her world travels. The result? An eye-catching and colourful portfolio that tells a story within each individual design. If it’s uniqueness you want, look no further!

Obviously, quality is key to success within a small company. So, maybe next time, you’re replacing any wardrobe accessories or home furniture look a little closer to home and discover the amazing quality of manufacturing right here in the UK.  

5. Buying British means supporting local businesses and thus local talent

And last, but definitely not least, on our list of reasons to buy British is to give support to our local businesses and local talent. The talented manufacturers and designers here in the UK need support and encouragement to make their ideas come to life, and that’s where we come in! Buy British to make sure that our local businesses continue to exist and thrive and find something you love at the same time. 

There you have it, 5 reasons to buy British. 

In Britain, there is such an array of talented artisans that are manufacturing to the highest of standards to bring beauty, heritage and individuality to our British high streets, that it is hard not to find something for everyone. Whether it be interior decorations, clothing, foods or services, UK companies have got you covered. Next time you’re out or looking online, why not take a look at the small businesses that make great British manufacturing sparkle.