Chilly Shrimp Shop

I’m not sure exactly how the name came about, it’s pretty much an output of the sometimes random workings of my brain. I came up with the name before really deciding on what it was for, using the words as something to doodle trying out different fonts and graphics before then deciding on creating my own brand out of it. I love a good beanie hat and thought it would be an ideal starting point for Chilly Shrimp. I’m particularly selective when it comes to quality so I needed to make sure if I was going to sell a product, it had to be great quality and ideally locally made but most certainly ethically produced. After searching around and ordering various samples I stumbled upon a great little factory in the UK that specialise in high quality knitwear making everything in their own factory, use locally sourced wool and are able to work with smaller businesses. Chilly Shrimp is a way for me to get creative and test the waters of my having own brand. Doing it for fun in my spare time allows me to sell quality products that don’t guarantee big profits but ones that I’d be happy to pay for and use myself.
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